How to get a FREE PS4 Console from Sony

So you want to win a free PS4 console from Sony? Well I’ve got good news for you, just like I got my PS3 and Xbox 360 for free, you can do the same method now for Sony’s Playstation 4. Even the Xbox One if you want, but I wanted the PS4 a lot more.

How do I win a PS4 for free?

It’s a very simple concept called freebie sites. On a freebie site, you sign up for free, fill out an offer and send it to some friends so they can do it too. But, if you read this article to the very end, I’ve actually got a generator so you can skip that last step! So stick with me for 3 minutes and I’ll show you how I did it.

Here’s a picture of my son and I opening our free PS4:

how to get a free ps4 console from sony

Step 1: Sign Up

I’ve tried many freebie websites out, but the best one has to be with Xpango. They have been around the longest and they update their Facebook all the time with the latest products they’ve sent out. But in order to get the secret hack that I told you about, you need to sign up on this link only!

Sign up link: PROMO CREDIT

If you sign up using a different link, this trick won’t work.

Step 2: Get Credits

So normally, to win a free PS4 on Xpango, you would have to complete a cool offer, and then get your friends to do the same. If you want a PS4, you need 32 credits which seems like a lot, but this trick I have will get you 30 credits in seconds! That’s a PS4 for free!

Once again, you need to make sure you signed up using the link in Step 1, otherwise this credit generator doesn’t work. It’s a link from one of the site admins so that’s why you get so many credits because it’s a promotional link. They aren’t meant to be shared to everyone but I got it when they opened the site up years ago!

Complete offer:

So in order to get 30 free credits, after signing up on the link above, you need to log into your new account and click Complete Offers on the right side bar. This step is required to show Xpango that your account is active and not cheating the system.

Once you’re there, you can click the top right arrow to select your country to see offers related to your location.

If you’re from the UK, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and get a credit! Then with my hack below, you’ll get an extra 30! That’s so easy!

If you’re from the US, Canada, UK or Australia, you can buy something on Fiverr for $5 and get a free credit! The Fiverr option is my favorite as there are so many cool things you can get there, like a logo for your business or a cartoon video, all for just $5.

Some important notes:

  • Enter your real information when signing up as false information will bounce;
  • Sign up only once on the same site;
  • Sign up for offers only once;
  • 1 per household rule (everyone has to have a chance to get a free PS4)

Once you’re done that and you get a credit, it’s time for me to show you how to get 30 credits for free!

Step 3: Free Credits

If you completed Step 1 perfectly, and Step 2 perfectly, then this credit generator will help you get your free PS4! If you didn’t follow the instructions exactly, then this won’t work so please don’t complain.

All you need to do is enter your email here and this software will share your link.

Now that you’re done this step, you just need to wait for the credits to get activated on your account. After that, send your link to 1 friendย  to do the same thing and you’ll have your free Playstation 4 just like my son and I did.

Step 4: Win PS4 Free & ENJOY!

Now that you learned how to get a free PS4 legit, it’s time to play some of Sony’s amazing games. Here is a picture of my family’s game collection:

All that we did to get those games is to get some extra credits on the site and you can get 3 games for free and they ship it from Amazon. Not only is it pretty cool to get these games for free, but it’s also fun to watch our son play Crash Bandicoot remastered, a game we used to play when we were close to his age.

Anyways, if you want to get those free credits, you need to sign up on this link only!

Sign up link: PROMO CREDIT

Now go enjoy that PS4 and those games! If you enjoyed this guide on how to get a free PS4 console from Sony, then drop me a comment below to let me know how it worked out for you.

9 thoughts to “How to get a FREE PS4 Console from Sony”

  1. It took 3 days but I got my extra credits so I’m sooooooooooooo freaking happy. Also got some extra credits from friends so I got the PS4 Pro instead. SO SO SO SOOOO HAPPY ๐Ÿ˜€ xD

    1. Wow that’s a lot of free stuff! I just got my PS4 after following these steps so I will need to follow in your foot steps ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Wanted to say many thanks. Our family doesn’t have much money and this is going to be perfect for Christmas for the kids.

    – Mitchell, Hawaii

  3. So I went online and typed how to get a free ps4 from sony and I found your blog. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m getting a free PS4 legit! So stoked to play Assassin’s Creed with my cousin!

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